Get glowing Skin: all my secrets!

Cheap, easy, and works wonders for your skin… So forget splurging out for expensive, promising creams, follow this routine for beautiful skin:

Cleanser: Pure coconut oil.

This is fantastic as a make-up remover as it moisturises and removes ALL make-up, you only need a small amount and it lasts forever! About 3-5 Pounds here in the UK and it will last months, plus double it up as a moisturiser if needed!

Exfoliater:Bicarbonate of Soda.

This is my little bathroom cabinet miracle powder, I sometimes drink it, wash my hair with it, brush my teeth with it, I could go on…

If you have very sensitive or mature skin please use with caution!

Take a very small handful of bicarb soda and mix it with two or three drops of water or until you can form it into a paste now apply it to your face and massage you face in circular motions as you would a regular exfoliator. Rinse with cold water and pat face dry. You can also leave it on until it goes hard as more of a face mask for oily skin. Skin will appear fresh and tight.

Remember: Different skin types may react in different ways so try with caution first time to see how your skin reacts!

Secret tip: I use this as deodorant and it’s brilliant 🙂

Toner: Colloidal Silver

This stuff is amazing for your skin and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties its also used for a load of other things. I put mine into a small spray bottle and I use it morning and night sometimes without a moisturiser, depending on my skin that day.


As I mentioned above Coconut oil can be a great moisturiser and I flip between using that and the one product I would highly recommend which is Waleeda Skinfood for dry skin. For mature skin: Retinol. For oily skin: Again, it’s Coconut Oil (the oils actually will work to rebalance your skin.


You hear it all the time, yes, drink more water!

Get enough sleep.

Fresh Air.

Time out for yourself x





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